Kuopion Tekun Opiskelijayhdistys (KUTOP)

In English

Kuopion Tekun Opiskelijayhdistys ry (KUTOP) is a subsidiary association to the SAVOTTA Student Union meant to serve the students of Savonia UAS on the Opistotie campus. Currently both engineering (as actual members) and design students (as advocates) are able to benefit from the association which offers most notably the bookstore located at Opistotie.

KUTOP also organizes a variety of different activies right from partying to contentions and sport events to lobbying policy makers within the UAS together with different associations and SAVOTTA itself. Primarily KUTOP handles all engineering students on the campus.

A member of the association (KUTOP) is also a member of the bigger operator student union SAVOTTA. Becoming a member of KUTOP/SAVOTTA gives the member full access to all student discounts available in whole Finland and also to all items available at our bookstore and several events KUTOP organizes. Discounts available in Kuopio can be found at Opiskelijan Kuopio. Take note that our membership also gives the 30-50% discount on VR railroad and Matkahuolto bus transports.

For any questions or concerns feel free to visit the service point at Microkatu 1, E-wing 3rd. floor, 70201 Kuopio or contact via email.